Using CNC Vector Art

Using CNC Vector Art to Create Real Objects With Real Value



3D carved objects are in-demand everywhere now, thanks to the power of technology and the precise software and lower barrier of entry for anyone looking to create their own line of jewelry, sculptures, or signage, for example.  Seeing CNC vector art transform into tangible objects that can be sold is an amazing experience.  CNC vector art can also be used for decorative pieces or add-ons to base products to add a custom personal touch.  This type of work is both economical and fast.

The possibilities are only limited to one’s imagination, using  CNC vector art  makes it one step easier for the diy crowd or the experienced cnc expert.            

Multiple vector art relief models combined to make 1 sign

Possibilities and Projects

These are just a few things you can make using CNC vector art:

  • Profile cutouts and patterns
  • Signage for titles, names, awards, plaques, or storefronts
  • Plastic parts for complex or mass-produced molds
  • Real estate models, proof of concepts
  • Prototypes for inventions, designs
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass molds and plugs
  • Jewelry, direct cut, or mold making (think of class rings)
  • Subcontract work for shops without CNC        

When it comes to woodworking, CNC vector art can be used in both practical and artistic ways.  You can create ornate features on cabinetry and frames, custom carvings on mouldings, picture frames, or for wooden paperweights and nameplates in the office.  

Jewelry can be made using vector artwork to add more details to the base foundation of silver, gold, etc.  Adding parts onto metal jewelry is very exquisite and will not look tacky, if done correctly.  This is a great opportunity for artists and fashionistas to customize their jewelry without breaking the bank.

Signs can be enhanced using detailed carvings, intricate designs, which would otherwise be extremely difficult to source an experienced hand-carver for.  Adding three-dimensional qualities to your signs is something that will grab the attention of customers and provide more value than just a typical banner or neon sign.

The flexibility of CNC  applications is making 3D expression much more accessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Every day, people are finding new ways to take advantage of 3D spaces, as well as finally being able to translate their ideas into real objects with real value.