How to Make Money with Your CNC Router

How to use our CNC Vector Art to Make Money

What's the purpose of owning a cnc router other than to make money or helping you to make more money? “It's cool to watch”, true...very true. It's almost hypnotizing sometimes to watch the cnc machine go. But in reality, we all would like to see the machine bring in more income. The cnc router can provide that extra push needed to get a product into a customer's hand and more money in your own pocket.

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One of the great many ways to make money with a cnc router is in making signs. I can hear you now, “seems like everyone makes signs”. Great! That's good news believe it or not. It means there's a proven market, otherwise no one would be doing it. Think about it like this, if you have competition, then there's money to be made. The competition just validates your idea and the cnc router can make it happen. When I say “signs”, I mean everything from door hangers to commercial 3D signs. In between are silly signs, welcome signs, man cave signs, bar signs and even bathroom signs. The list can go on and on.

“But what about the competition?”

This is where companies like CNC Vector Art can give you an advantage. By publishing new vector relief models on a daily basis. Fresh art = Fresh ideas. Fresh ideas gives you the competitive advantage to be able to constantly be adding to or improving upon your own product offerings.

Make Money On Etsy

The last time I checked there were about 25 million buyers on Etsy. With 1.6 million sellers and about 35 million products, there's definitely a huge market there. If we were to just focus on the sign market only, we could carve out our own little share of that market. Of course, we know that we can make so so so much more than just signs with our cnc router, but for the sake of this blog post I'll just stick to signs. If you take a look, there are already quite a few Etsy shops with signs, what's that mean to you? Competition! Competition = there must be money to be made, validation. So really, if you have a cnc router, what's stopping you from joining in on the fun? With the help of CNC Vector Art, you can offer similar signage, similar ideas, but with an edge. How can you differentiate yourself? Plain and simple, CNC Vector Art. You could be making money right there with your cnc router. Cnc router ready artwork only adds value to your product offerings. It differentiates you from the competition.

Make Money with Your CNC Router

Will the customer's actually care? You bet! You don't want to focus on what I call the cardboard customers, the ones who purchase based on the lowest price. Your focus should be on those customers that want the real thing, do some research on buying habits and you'll find that at a certain age or stage in a person's life, they no longer care for the cardboard tv stands or cardboard cupboards or furniture. They want the real thing, in our case it's the difference between a drawing of a dog versus a relief carving of a specific dog. With CNC Vector Art, no problem, make money with your cnc router.