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New 3D CNC Vector Art Published Daily

Keeping it simple. We publish 3D vector art relief models that are designed to be cut or carved on a cnc router

The vector relief models can be resized, edited, or even combined to create the best possible relief art or 3D signs on your cnc router .

All of our files are downloadable in stl file format.

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CNC Vector Art

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Other Tools of the Trade

Other Tools of the Trade

  These are some of the best router bits I've used for the money.  Solid carbide, sharp as heck, AND made here in the USA.  I've been using them f...
New Free Project :  Very Simple Key Chain Pendant

New Free Project : Very Simple Key Chain Pendant

This project here started out as a wall plaque but ended up becoming a key chain pendant. I'm a U.S. Army veteran myself, I also have a son current...
Free Prayer Box Plans

Free Prayer Box Plans

              Make a Prayer Box   Requirements: CNC Router   10” x 21” x.75” Wood Blank(or equivalent) .25” Endmill router bit .125 “ Ballnose...